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Sheppard Mullin's Nota Bene

Feb 27, 2019

Privacy varies widely across borders and within nations. The norms and expectations of privacy even vary across demographics and generations. So how can multinationals keep up with changes in privacy law and compliance requirements?

Joining me to share her insight on privacy and cybersecurity issues is Liisa Thomas. Liisa Thomas, a partner based in the firm’s Chicago and London offices, is Practice Group Leader of the Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice. Liisa is the author of a definitive treatise on data breach, Thomas on Data Breach: A Practical Guide to Handling Worldwide Data Breach Notification, and she is a contributor to the Sheppard Mullin Eye on Privacy blog.

What We Discuss in This Episode:

  • When does the CCPA go into effect and when will it be enforced?
  • What types of disclosure does the new privacy law in California require of organizations?
  • The two approaches that privacy legislation entail
  • Is there a difference between information ownership and information use?
  • In a simplified way, what are the basics of U.S. privacy law requirements?
  • What is the European Union’s GDPR law?
  • Why should tech companies (or companies that use a lot of technology) and companies that suffered data breaches be the most concerned with GDPR compliance?
  • What tools exist to help companies identify consumers (and why is that necessary)?
  • Why it’s important for companies to discuss information protection
  • How are privacy laws being enforced on the State and Federal levels?
  • What affect do politics have on the enforcement of privacy laws?
  • Where should you focus your attention, a business leader, at this very moment?

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