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Sheppard Mullin's Nota Bene

Mar 13, 2019

The past couple of years have proven to be banner years for private equity and merger and acquisition activity, with no signs of slow down in 2019. With cash on hand to invest and the increase in Representation and Warranty Insurance policies, forecasters expect these trends to continue.

I’m joined by Luca Salvi to discuss the current state of the M&A and private equity trends in the United States. Luca is a member of Sheppard Mullin’s Executive Committee and a partner in the Corporate Practice Group. He is also the International Liaison for the Firm’s European Offices. Luca served as the former Managing Partner of the Washington, D.C. Office and the past head of the Aerospace & Defense Team and the Private Equity Team at the Firm.

What We Discuss in this Episode:

  • The current state of U.S. private equity and M&A markets
  • What’s causing the abundance of activity in U.S. markets?
  • Why is the landscape so particularly attractive to sellers right now?
  • The current tax administration and how it has encouraged activity in the M&A markets
  • Are there economic factors that create abundant M&A activity?
  • How M&A appears in various industries
  • Are the credit and loan markets threatening the future growth of U.S. markets?
  • What is Representation and Warranty Insurance (R&W Insurance) and how is it providing extra security for sellers?
  • What makes R&W Insurance more economical and attractive in this market?
  • Has the advent of R&W Insurance made due diligence even more important?
  • How R&W Insurance has caused buyers to communicate in a more sophisticated way

Contact Information:

Luca’s Sheppard Mullin attorney profile

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