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Sheppard Mullin's Nota Bene

Feb 5, 2020

As the conversation around antitrust regulation continues to grow, especially given the current political climate and the growth of technology companies, now more than ever, multinationals must pay attention to evolving trends in this space.

Nate Soderstrom is a Senior Editor at the Capitol Forum, an online publication covering topics including consumer protection, antitrust enforcement, and government contracts. Nate leads the Forum’s mergers and acquisitions coverage. He joined the Capitol Forum after five years as an associate in the Antitrust & Competition department of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, where he advised clients in antitrust matters relating to mergers and acquisitions, complex antitrust litigation, and government investigations.

What We Discussed in This Episode:

  • Has antitrust become a bipartisan issue?
  • How has antitrust evolved over the last decade?
  • Has the focus of conversation about antitrust shifted to price and consumer welfare instead of bigness and concentration of power?
  • Where does the current trend and desire to take on big tech companies stem from?
  • Are big tech companies seen as a threat to our political system if they go unregulated?
  • Is there tension between the First amendment and the regulation of big tech platforms?
  • What is the real fear when it comes to leaving big tech companies unregulated?
  • What is an appropriate response to regulating big tech companies? Would issuing a fine suffice? Is breaking up the companies necessary?
  • How is Section 2 of the Sherman Act being used to challenge mergers?
  • Have antitrust regulations always been political?

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