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Sheppard Mullin's Nota Bene

Feb 20, 2019

In this recap episode, I’m extracting the valuable lessons shared by our guests in the prior 5 episodes. I offer my two cents about the practical advice shared by our guests to help the C-Suite understand the legal, political, and economic underpinnings impacting the 21st Century intercontinental business landscape in which they operate.

In Episode 19, because of the historic government shutdown, we spoke with Jonathan Meyer who explained what the shutdown meant for businesses.  Along with listing the various entities that were and weren't affected by the shutdown, Jonathan explained how the economy was affected overall.  

In Episode 20, we tackled the evolving nature of the healthcare system with David Garcia.  David explained how and why antitrust applies to the healthcare industry at all. He elaborated on the merger and acquisition activities taking place in the industry, and we discussed the question: can natural market forces exist in this sector?

In Episode 21, we talked with Elizabeth Frazee about the real business of Congress. Elizabeth enlightened us about the fact that despite having a divided Congress, a lot of important legislation can still be passed, as has often happened in the past.  This is not a time for C-Suite members to sit back and disengage. Quite the opposite! 

In Episode 22, we explored the impact of foreign investment controls with Curt Dombek. Curt emphasized the major tectonic shifts that are occurring with U.S. foreign investment control regulations, and emerging corresponding regulations in Europe.

In Episode 23, we turned our attention to Mexico and Latin American countries with Luis Maizel. Luis describes the political and economic state of affairs in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Venezuela. He describes the drastic effects of the swings of power in many of these countries. Luis also discusses the question why Latin America is not more important to the U.S. 

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