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Sheppard Mullin's Nota Bene

Jan 9, 2019

In this recap episode, I’m extracting the valuable lessons shared by our guests in the prior 5 episodes. I offer my two cents about the practical advice shared by our guests to help the C-Suite understand the legal, political, and economic underpinnings impacting the 21st intercontinental business landscape in which they operate.

In Episode 13, I spoke with Morgan Forsey about how human capital is redefining 21st century workplaces. We explored the use of arbitration clauses in employment agreements from a policy perspective and perception perspective. Morgan and I also discussed the importance of conducting due diligence when it comes to equal pay and how companies can avoid risk in this area. 

In Episode 14, I spoke with Paul Werner about the essentials of net neutrality, its origins, and its role in today’s world. We explored the reasons in favor of and against internet regulation.

In Episode 15, I was joined by Sarah Aberg and we discussed three important developments C-Suite members should know about insider trading. Sarah shared her insight on short swing trades and various enforcement trends the government is currently using.

In Episode 16, I spoke with William Kruse about a law business within a business and in-house counsel’s changing value and role. We had a fascinating discussion about in-house counsel’s effect on decisions relating to supply chain and sales expansion around the world.

In Episode 17, I was joined by Jonathan Meyer and we discussed the myths of Congressional oversight. Jon and I explored the exact powers and authority of Congress in order to clarify several misconceptions that seem to be circulating.  

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