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Sheppard Mullin's Nota Bene

Dec 19, 2018

From managing internal crises to assisting in the international expansion of the business, the duties and responsibilities of corporate counsel in a multinational company directly support the growth of the business. There is currently a great deal of change happening in the in-house department of corporations that C-Suite members should know about in order to fully utilize corporate counsel’s value.

Joining us on the show today to discuss the evolving nature of corporate counsels and their roles is William Kruse, Gallup's Regulatory Compliance Officer & In-house Counsel, working primarily in support of the Government Division. Bill is also the author of the recently published book, The Corporate Counsel Survival Guide.

What We Discuss in this Episode:

  • What inspired Bill to write this book
  • Corporate law is changing and so is the role of in-house counsel
  • What is the role of the in-house department in a company today?
  • Should startups and medium-sized businesses be concerned with having an in-house department?
  • Why companies should utilize their lawyers’ unique analytical skills?
  • As companies evolve into global corporations, having an attorney in-house who understands all aspects of legal issues becomes crucial
  • Why C-Suite members should pay especially close attention to whom they hire as their corporate counsel
  • Lawyers considering joining a company as corporate counsel must enjoy the business side of the law as well as believe in the company’s product/service
  • Why it’s important for corporate counsel to grow and develop the next generation of leaders in the business
  • How can you graciously work with “opponents” in order to turn them into allies?
  • What you should know about how to best manage crises (and how to recognize “real” crises from insignificant ones)

Contact Information:

Twitter: @weklawyer

LinkedIn: William Kruse

Bill’s book The Corporate Counsel Survival Guide

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