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Sheppard Mullin's Nota Bene

Oct 17, 2018

India is not showing signs of slowing down any time soon. Despite a historical complex regulatory environment and structural corruption, the country is seeing positive changes brought about by the current government, the technology boom, and the Millennial generation. Together, these could help India further emerge as a key player in the global economy.

Joining us in this episode to discuss these changes is Fatema Merchant. Fatema is an attorney in the Government Contracts, Investigations & International Trade Practice Group of Sheppard Mullin’s Washington, D.C. office. Fatema’s practice focuses on investigations, compliance counseling, and transactional due diligence related to international trade laws.  

What We Discuss in This Episode:

  • The role India currently plays in the world’s economy
  • How bureaucracy, corruption, and lack of infrastructure affect India’s emergence
  • What Prime Minister Modi is doing to help fight corruption
  • What is being done to open foreign investment in Indian businesses?
  • How the tech boom and the Millennial generation are increasing India’s participation in the world economy
  • The benefits of Indians staying in India and investing their efforts there instead of working in other countries
  • Due to other countries’ stricter immigration policies coupled with internal changes, many young Indians are choosing to remain in India, attend school there, and work there
  • The political changes brought about by Prime Minister Modi in order to create a more progressive, transparent economy
  • Data and privacy issues India is dealing with
  • How unlocking women’s potential will be key to advancing the Indian workforce
  • What areas of industry present opportunities for exploration?

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