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Sheppard Mullin's Nota Bene

Nov 28, 2018

Investing in the development of human capital can prove to be an invaluable asset for a company looking to grow and innovate.  What should employers know about current employment law trends in order to build advantageous relationships with their workforce?

Joining us to explore 4 major areas of employment law issues in multinational companies, namely, arbitration clauses, remote workforces, equal pay, and the gig economy, is Morgan Forsey. Morgan is a partner in the Labor and Employment Practice Group at Sheppard Mullin and is co-Office Managing Partner of the San Francisco office. Morgan handles all facets of labor and employment matters. 

What We Discuss in this Episode:

  • The use of arbitration clauses in employment agreements
  • The United States Supreme Court’s 2018 landmark Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis permitting class action waivers in arbitration clauses
  • Public, private and state legislative reaction to the newly settled wide latitude enforcing employment arbitration agreements
  • Whether Epic Systems will diminish the economic impact surrounding potential employment class action claims?
  • The impact of arbitration clauses and settlement agreements in the Me Too era
  • What is a remote workforce and what human capital impacts does the C-Suite need to navigate in this 21st Century employment relationship?
  • Protecting corporate property across an international remote workforce
  • Why equal pay is here to stay
  • How employers can protect themselves auditing equal pay and making positive remedial change
  • How the 21st Century gig economy is highlighting old conversations around independent contractors?
  • How the current world assesses whether a workforce is employee or independent contractor based

Resources Mentioned:

Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis  

California Assembly Bill 3080 

Contact Information:

Morgan’s Sheppard Mullin attorney profile 


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