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Sheppard Mullin's Nota Bene

Mar 20, 2019

With cannabis quickly becoming big business for new and established companies alike, we’re turning out attention to one of the largest cannabis markets in the world - California. From trademark and cultivation licensing to banking, the laws and regulations of the state of California are ever-evolving in order to keep up with this growing field.

Joining me to discuss the evolution of the cannabis industry and related laws and regulations is Christopher Sabec, a Cannabis and Entertainment Law attorney with Fox Rothschild with decades’ worth of successful business management and executive leadership.

What We Discuss in This Episode:

  • Christopher’s interesting background working and representing the Dave Matthews Band and Hanson
  • How the cannabis industry has evolved over the years
  • What three agencies are in charge of regulating the California cannabis market?
  • What is the process for putting forth regulations in this industry?
  • Why the California cannabis market required emergency regulations?
  • Were there major changes between the initial emergency regulations and the permanent regulations?
  • What types of brand licensing agreements exist in this space?
  • How does the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) define “ownership” for trademark and licensing purposes?
  • The current bill being considered by the California Senate regarding license applications
  • What are the types of licenses a business can apply for and which agencies issue them?
  • Can cannabis be cultivated without a license in California? What are the limitations there?
  • Given Federal law limitations on this industry, how do cannabis companies handle their banking?
  • How can attorneys better deal with the state regulatory agencies in this space?

Resources Mentioned:

Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC)

California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA)

Contact Information:

Fox Rothschild attorney profile

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